Life in Hanover, Pennsylvania

An Historic City With A Lot To Say

If you were to drive 54 miles north-northwest of Baltimore, you would find yourself in the borough of Hanover, Pennsylvania. Known to some as the snack food capital of the world for its many food manufacturing businesses, the borough is home to Utz Potato Chips, Synder’s of Hanover pretzels and Hershey Chocolates. Hanover is also the site of the final confrontation between the union and confederate soldiers during the civil war before the momentous final battle at Gettysburg.


The area is actually named after Hannover, Germany, and the borough has strong cultural roots to its namesake. During the last census, 42% of the population was of German descent. At one point, when state lines were being drawn, there was a point of dispute as to whether the borough was part of Pennsylvania, or Maryland. After calling in surveyors to settle the dispute, the Mason-Dixon line was created, and the borough was determined to be just north of it. As a result, the area is credited with being directly involved in the creation of the famous Mason-Dixon line.

Living here is incredibly convenient, as much of the borough is walk-able. An historic area with plenty to do, Hanover is sure to be a great fit for you and your family should you decide to plant roots here.

Shopping, Recreation & More

Plenty To See And Do

The “Golden Mile” is a stretch of land that contains most of the area’s shops and restaurants, including bistros, barbecue, pizza and more. Similarly, the Markets of Hanover feature fresh foods and produce for those looking to buy locally.

Hanover Highlights

After a bit of shopping, residents can enjoy any number of recreational activities, including a visit to Codorus State Park, a 3,500 acre state-run park that encompasses the 26-mile Lake Marburg. Visitors can take boats across the lake, as well as go camping within the park. The area also allows some seasonal hunting, as well as winter sports when the weather cools down.

The Eichelberger Performing Arts Center, built in 1896, hosts a full program of performances year round, and the studio, conservatory and theater are available for private events and functions as well.

As Hanover is a borough with a great deal of history behind it, there are many historic buildings that have been repurposed into museums, living quarters, and everything in between. One such area is Neas House, a historic home that is now a functioning museum guests can tour. Similarly, the Warehime Myers Mansion is another historical home that is available for tours for those wishing to learn more about their hometown.

Schools in Hanover, Pennsylvania

Outstanding Educational Institutions

Hanover offers a number of educational opportunities for its younger residents, many of which are highly rated and considered excellent choices for their educational pursuits. Clearview Elementary School, Hanover Street Elementary School, and Washington Elementary School are all public school options in the Hanover area, while Hanover Middle School and Hanover High School make up the secondary schools in the area.

No matter what school your child attends, you can be sure that they’re receiving a quality education from each of these highly rated institutions. Schools in the area strive for excellence in student achievement so they can pursue higher education opportunities and fulfilling careers upon graduation.

For more information on the schools mentioned above, click the links below to visit their websites:

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

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