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A Treasure Within The Treasure Coast

Stuart, Florida is the seat of Martin County, Florida, and a wonderful city in its own right. It is, in fact, the largest of the four incorporated municipalities in Martin County, with an estimated population of just under 18,000 people. Stuart is frequently chosen as one of the best small towns in Florida, due in part to its proximity to the Indian River Lagoon and the St. Lucie River, as well as its many connections to the arts, thriving economy and rich history.

History of Stuart, Florida

Stuart is part of the Treasure Coast, an area that saw a number of Spanish galleons which crashed along its shores in the 18th century. This led to the coast being littered with gold and silver, which in turn earned the area the name Treasure Coast. Stuart itself was settled in 1870, and was originally known as Potsdam, named after a local landowner who was originally from Potsdam, Germany. The area became known as Stuart after another local landowner after the establishment of the Florida East Coast Railway.

In general, the cost of living in Stuart, Florida is lower than the national average, and housing in particular is considerably more affordable than in the rest of the US. Learn more about Sruart, FL in these videos:

Lifestyle in Stuart, Florida

Things to do in Stuart, Florida

In downtown Stuart, Florida, you’ll find the historic Lyric Theatre. Originally a movie house, today it primarily serves as a stage and a venue for live music. The theatre also provides education opportunities, summer camps and youth arts opportunities. Those seeking a quieter connection to the arts can visit the Elliott Museum, whose exhibits focus on the arts, history and technology. In particular, the museum likes to highlight vehicle history – among its other exhibits, the Elliott Museum houses one of the largest collections of Ford Model A and Ford Model AA vehicles in the world. The museum has a collection of changing exhibitions, meaning each visit can provide an entirely different experience – To find out what you can expect when you visit, be sure to check out their website here.

Points of Interest

Those wishing to connect with nature in Stuart, Florida can visit the Tropical Ranch Botanical Garden and the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center, both of which are located in Stuart. The botanical garden is the only one of its kind in Martin County, and is free to explore. The garden is a great choice for a day trip, and offers nine unique themed garden areas, each of which contain a unique collection of flora. The garden is also a popular choice for wedding ceremonies, and offers a lovely venue for couples’ special days. Meanwhile, the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center is a marine life nature center that offers a number of education programs for interested youth participants, while simultaneously engaging in various research and restoration activities to benefit the local ecosystem.

Neighborhoods and Schools in Stuart, Florida

Something For Everyone

Parents in Stuart, Florida have a number of education options available to their children, with a number of highly rated facilities available, many of which are designed to cater to specific needs. For public school, Felix A. Williams Elementary and J.D. Parker Elementary are both excellent options for primary school. Those seeking a non-secular education can look to St. Joseph Catholic School and Redeemer Lutheran, which both offer primary education for members of their respective religious denominations. For middle schools in Stuart, Florida, Stuart Middle School is an excellent option, and Martin County High School promises “Every student will graduate college and career capable.”

Students in need of specialized educational services have the opportunity to attend the Hope Center For Autism, which currently provides both a traditional school model of in school learning, full time remote learning, and a blended learning model that combines the two.

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