Homes in Hutchinson Island, Florida

Beautiful Beachfront Property

Located off the coast of Martin County and St Lucie, Hutchinson Island is known for its beautiful beaches, and is a popular tourist attraction. Yet beyond that, Hutchinson Island is also a wonderful spot to live. A quiet island, Hutchinson none-the-less has beautiful homes for sale, as well as points of interest that range from cultural to natural.

Hutchinson Island is also home to a number of beaches and beachfront properties, including two of the more well known areas, Jensen Sea Turtle Beach and Stuart Beach. Within Martin County, which is itself within Hutchinson Island, buildings are limited to being no taller than 4 stories high, which has led to a lack of high-rise construction in the area. Homes in the area are competitively priced, and the cost of living for Hutchinson Island residents is on par with the national average.

Quality of Life

Many older Floridians choose to live in Hutchinson Island as a result of its quiet, easy living, however the area also attracts residents in the form of students who are attending the nearby Indian River State College. All in all, Hutchinson Island is a fantastic place to live, touting both safety and convenience all in a beautiful island package.

Things to do in Hutchinson Island, Florida

Museums, Environmentalism & More

The Elliott Museum is a popular attraction for the residents of Hutchinson Beach, whose exhibits focus on the arts, history, and technology. In particular, the museum likes to highlight vehicle history – among its other exhibits, the Elliott Museum houses one of the largest collections of Ford Model A and Ford Model AA vehicles in the world. Originally built in 1961, The Elliot Museum houses both exhibits and an art studio. The museum has a collection of changing exhibitions, meaning each visit can provide an entirely different experience – To find out what you can expect when you visit, be sure to check out their website here. The museum features a wide variety of additional topics, including arts, maritime, baseball, and local history galleries.

Things to Do

Those wishing to connect with nature in Hutchinson Island, Florida can visit the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center. The Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center is a marine life nature center that offers a number of education programs for interested youth participants, while simultaneously engaging in various research and restoration activities to benefit the local ecosystem. Research programs include the Florida Oceanic Oyster Restoration Program, which has considerable backing from a number of local businesses. These oysters are collected and used in artificial reefs, giving back to the environment in meaningful and substantial ways.

Island Princess Cruises also departs nearby, meaning when you live in Hutchinson Beach, you’re never far from your next cruise getaway!

Education in Hutchinson Island

Highly Rated Education Opportunities

For families, Hutchinson Island offers a number of schools to choose from, though many of them are on the mainland. With a number of highly-rated facilities available, many of which are designed to cater to specific needs, you can be sure your child is receiving a quality education when they live in the Hutchinson Island area. For primary school, Mariposa Elementary School is a wonderful choice. One of the largest elementary schools in the St. Lucie area, the school touts an extraordinary staff and encourages the participation of supportive parents.

Those looking for a secular education need look no further than Heritage Christian Academy, which offers educational opportunities to students ranging from 6th to 12th grade. Village Green Environmental Studies School offers a challenging elementary curriculum that is aligned with rigorous standards delivered through diversified instructional strategies while providing students the opportunity to tackle the important environmental issues of our time.

For high school curriculum, Port St. Lucie High School offers engaging study for students as they continue their education and look forward to higher education and the job force. Students in need of specialized educational services have the opportunity to attend the nearby Hope Center For Autism, which currently provides both a traditional school model of in-school learning, full-time remote learning, and a blended learning model that combines the two.

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High Schools

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