Palm City

One Of The Best Places To Live In Florida!

Palm City is a small town with so much charm known for it’s fantastic parks and family friendly surroundings. There are plenty of waterways to enjoy during a day of boating and plenty of shopping and dining establishments to experience. With a population of 25,000 people it’s also a great place to purchase a home due to it’s growing popularity. The average home price in Palm City is around $370,000 USD making it a great area to purchase an investment property or a great place to purchase a family home. The area is also seeing a boom in business with positive job growth numbers and a lower rate of unemployment (3.6%) than the national average (3.9%) so maintaining a happy healthy lifestyle is one of the many pros of Palm City.

As I mentioned the area is known for it’s parks. Leighton Park is a great example. The park is situated right under the Palm City Bridge and is home to boat ramps for a day on the St. Lucie River along with playground equipment, a fishing pier and grills for making a fantastic lunch. Due to the close proximity to the St. Lucie River we highly recommend bringing some paddle boards to experience all of the beautiful scenery Palm City has to offer. The area is also home to some great golf courses including the Palm Cove Golf and Yacht Club.

Neighborhoods and Schools In Palm City, FL

Palm City has some really great schools for children across all ages. The area is home to 8 pre schools, 4 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 1 high school. We have compiled a list of what we thing are some of the best schools in the area to make sure that your kids are covered.

School Ratings in Palm City, FL

  • Palm City Elementary School – 8/10 rating
  • Bessey Creek Elementary School – 8/10 rating
  • Citrus Grove Elementary School – 8/10 rating
  • Hidden Oaks Middle School – 10/10 rating
  • Peace Christian Academy (the only private school that covers high school in the area)

If you want more information about schools in the city feel free to check out this great resource by clicking HERE! Or you can call and email us at any time and we can give you some more information about the school sand properties close to them.

Neighborhoods in Palm City, FL


Dining and Shopping

In Palm City!

Living close to the ocean has it’s perks. One of them is fresh seafood all year long. The area is exploding with restaurants of all shapes and sizes. From sushi, to Enchiladas Palm City has it all. Casa Giuseppe’s Italian grill has some of the best seafood pasta around. If you aren’t feeling up for Italian check out Rippers restaurant and deli. If you have to satisfy your sweet tooth look no further than Shark Shack Sweets.

Once your belly is full spend some time in the Palm City Green Market or spend the day at the botanical gardens. Earthtones is a great place if you are in the market for some clothing, or check out Martin Downs Village Center for everything you need.

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